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A home that Atlas Scrubbed is our best calling card. That’s because we have invested in Softwash technology. Where conventional pressure washers use about 3-5 gallons per minute (gpm) of water at 2,000-4,500 psi, our Softwash pump puts out water at 10 gpm and a much more comfortable 275-300psi. We also directly infuse cleaning detergents into the stream. This approach allows us to wash your home more gently while also being more thorough. As an added bonus, this technology can clean large 2 storey homes from the ground without the added logistics of lift equipment, ladders, or walking on your roof. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

Is your home’s exterior or outdoor furniture looking dull and dingy? If so, Atlas Rearden Inc can help! We offer a soft washing process that is strong enough to clean but gentle enough to protect siding and finishes. Your property deserves a renewed look from a team who cares!

Soft Wash Pressure Washing

While regular pressure washing can do a superb job of cleaning many buildings, soft washing services are often preferred to ensure a more gentle wash. Our soft wash pump sprays water at a pressure that cleans but doesn’t damage your siding. 

We also add detergents so that they are part of the stream, which makes cleaning easier and more complete. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to clean two-story homes from the ground with the same amount of pressure. This allows us to clean family-sized homes with ease!

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Benefits Of Our Midlang House Washing Services

Softwashing is a much more thorough cleaning for the entirety of the exterior of your home. This is something homes in the Permian Basin eventually need in order to mitigate the constant dirt of West Texas. After a while, cleaning only the window exterior highlights the fact that the entire remainder of the building is dirty. Moreover, some exterior finishes may require periodic cleaning to maintain their warranty. Rest assured, Atlas is here to help. A Softwash is by far the best way to reinvigorate your home’s exteriors.
Over the years many have incurred the consequences of improperly pressure washing their homes with the power washer they bought from the big box store. While cleaning with high pressure has its merits, user errors and accidents often lead to damages or injuries. Scratch this chore off of your Honey-Do List and call Atlas instead.
The same great cleaning products that we use for stain removal and mitigation are applicable in the Softwash setting. We can also include the same antimicrobial disinfecting services as we clean your home exterior. By using the best quality water, cleaning agents and equipment, we are striving to give you the best home cleaning experience ever.
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Soft Washing Service Perks

Texas can get dusty! If this dust isn’t addressed, it will become thicker and cause your house to stick out like a sore thumb! Our skilled staff knows how to utilize soft washing to thoroughly clean your home’s exterior, which will once again revitalize your home.

Additionally, many people have tried to wash their own homes and discovered that the intense pressure removed paint or damaged the vinyl siding. It’s easy to make mistakes when using a power washer, especially if you’re not trained or experienced. This is why we have a soft wash option. Rather than adding one more chore to your to-do list, let our expert technicians take care of soft washing your home!

Outdoor Soft Washing

Here at Atlas, we not only soft wash your home’s exterior but also use this process to clean your patio, outdoor furniture, and recreational areas. We use various cleaning agents to ensure a delicate yet detailed cleaning.

Whether your house’s exterior simply needs a seasonal cleaning or you plan to host a party and want the exterior fixtures to be in the best condition, we can help! Reach out to Atlas today!

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Outdoor Living

Let us prepare your home for the outdoor season every year with a Softwash of your outdoor patio, kitchen, dining and recreational areas. Softwashing is low pressure, and utilizes a host of different cleaning agents. This makes it the ideal treatment for your dirty outdoor furniture, fixtures and decor. Are you hosting a party or event this Spring or Summer? Let us come help you prepare for the fun with your own custom Softwash experience!

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Pressure washers use 2000-4000psi water to blast away dirt and stains from the surface. Sometimes the water is heated to increase the cleaning power. This is a great method for cleaning hard surfaces like concrete. However, it is far too destructive for the finishes on your house. Pressure washing can damage paint, wood, window seals, stucco and any outdoor appliances and furniture that you may have. A Softwash uses more water at lower pressures to gently flush away the dirt and grime without damaging your home. Environmentally safe detergents aid this process instead of heat, which will only further damage delicate finishes.

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